The world of Battleheart is split into 3 different regions. Each region has 1 Arena and at least one "Boss level".


  1. The Gobwood
  2. Westwylde Fields
  3. Eston Farmstead
    1. Summersong Ruins (Dead end)
  4. The Squealing Bog (Boss)
  5. Chillwind Field
  6. Shalestone Caverns
    1. Haggerdom Monster Arena (Dead end / Arena)
  7. St. Argus Cemetery
  8. The Royal Crypt
  9. Marrowstone Ruins
  10. The Silken Wildwood (Boss)

Haggerdom is the starting area, and thusly contains the easiest levels of all 3 areas. It is home to 2 bosses, the Giant Spider, the Goblin Leader, and the Haggerdom Arena.


  1. Carrion Canyon
  2. Dusthide Badlands
  3. The Lost Grotto
  4. Darkmoon Forest
    1. Bloodrose Ruins
    2. St. Byron Seplucher (Dead end)
  5. The Oozing Dark (Boss)
  6. Whithered Hope Valley
  7. Cho´yuk Ravine
  8. Crimson hollow
    1. Brighstone Monster Arena (Dead end / Arena)
  9. The Firelands
  10. The Earthen Gate (Boss)

Brightstone is the intermediate group of levels in Battleheart, and is home to two bosses, the Golem, and the Giant Slime, as well as the Brightstone Arena.


  1. Emerald Hinterlands
  2. Everfrost Weald
    1. Seaside Ruins
    2. Doomvale Monster Arena (Dead end / Arena)
  3. Rimetooth Tundra
  4. The Frozen Abyss
  5. Time-Lost Canyon
  6. Dungeon of the Lost
  7. Molten Wastes
  8. The Boneyard
  9. Throne of Ruin (Boss)

Doomvale is the most difficult level group of the three. It also is home to the final boss, the Lich, and the Doomvale Arena.