The witch is a Damage Dealer class, focused on single-target spells as well as crowd debuff.

Characters: Wynter

Weapons: Staves

Armor: Cloaks

Attack speed: 1.6 sec

When target is selected, Witch will continuously attack (range) the target.


Level Choice 1 Choice 2
Basic skill

Drain Life

Dark magic that steals life from its victim, healing the caster's most injured ally. (20 sec cooldown)



Unleashes toxic fumes in a large area, dealing damage over time. (30 sec cooldown)


An enfeebling curse that greatly reduces its vitim's attack power for 10 sec. (30 sec cooldown)


Piercing Shadow

Your basic shadowbolt attack deals 15% extra damage. (Passive)

Life Leech

All of your attacks heal you for 20% of the damage dealt. (Passive)



Fear consumes all enemies - the severity of the effect increases with proximity to you. (40 sec cooldown)


Your target is turned into a toad for 6 sec., rendering them weak and harmless. (40 sec cooldown)


Terrifying Presence

Enemies who strike you have a 10% chance to be consumed with fear. (Passive)

Sudden Doom

Attack against you have a 5% chance to reset the cooldown on Drain Life. (Passive)


Prey on the Weak

Your Drain Life spell is increased in power against foes who are feared, paralyzed or cursed. (Passive)


Crushing Despair

Your Drain Life spell deals 40% additional damage, but still heals for the same amount. (Passive)

Dark Harvest

Your Drain Life spell recovers 40% additional health, though its damage is not increased. (Passive)

  • Note* Horror has a 5% chance instant KO for any non-boss monsters that are right on top of the witch.

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