What do you all think about the team setup for Arenas:

Knight (Shepherd) - x2 Phasing Lodestone

---Cleave---Chivarly---War Cry---Crippling Blows---Forttress---

Bard (Edwardo) - x2 Codex of Jabe

---Song of Sanctuary---Gusto---Song of War---Healing Chords---Echo of Renewal---

Ranger (Oakley) - x2 Choker of the Red Feast

---Incendiary Arrow---Sniper's Sense---Barrage---Critical Aim---Thrash---

Wizard (Bromswell) - x2 Choker of the Red Feast

---Blizzard---Impact---Conflagrate---Fire Shield---Flaming Meteor

My reasoning for Shepherd using Forttress instead of Revenge is because of the 2 Phasing Lodestone's increase his armor for 20 seconds at 90% reduction, and for the remaining 10 seconds I use the Bard's Song of Sanctuary which puts him at 65%. I use Forttress when it is back up. This keeps Shepherd alive for a long time in Arenas.

I would like feedback on that, as well as 2 of things.

1) Oakley's final skill - Pros and Cons of using Thrash or Crippling Bite - only respond with feedback for 175+ Arenas please.

2) Edwardo's combo of using Song of Vigor and leaving his focus on Shepherd with Stoicism or the combo I am currently using which is Song of Sanctuary and Gusto, leaving his focus on Oakley and switching back when tank gets low.

IMO, Edwardo is superior to Lucille because of the offensive and shielding abilities that are given to Edwardo. I am debating a switch from Wizard to Witch for higher DPS/survivability because of Drain Life. Also, because of Life Leach, you could sub in a Ninja Glove for +15% case speed or Ancient Dragon Tooth for +15% Crit Strike chance. Would need to reconstruct my play style, however, this option has some viability. Interested if anyone has tried this out.

Thank you all, I look forward to great replies.