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  • Razfyn

    I am dedicating this blog to a discussion about which tank is the best for arenas. I will say that there is not a right or wrong answer because depending on party lineup and player skill and tendancy, each tank could have his/her advantages. But, no one wants to read a blog that has no contraversary to it, so I resolve that Shepherd (Knight) is the best tank because of three of his abilities, one passive and two active.

    The passive ability would be Chivalry, which adds +15% to armor and is vital to surviving past 140+ levels in Arenas. The two active abilities that I believe set him apart are Shield Wall and its upgrade of Forttress which reduces damage by 50% for 15 seconds and the upgrade which makes it last for 20 seconds. This enables a…

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  • Razfyn

    Lineup for 175+ Arenas

    July 8, 2012 by Razfyn

    What do you all think about the team setup for Arenas:

    Knight (Shepherd) - x2 Phasing Lodestone

    ---Cleave---Chivarly---War Cry---Crippling Blows---Forttress---

    Bard (Edwardo) - x2 Codex of Jabe

    ---Song of Sanctuary---Gusto---Song of War---Healing Chords---Echo of Renewal---

    Ranger (Oakley) - x2 Choker of the Red Feast

    ---Incendiary Arrow---Sniper's Sense---Barrage---Critical Aim---Thrash---

    Wizard (Bromswell) - x2 Choker of the Red Feast

    ---Blizzard---Impact---Conflagrate---Fire Shield---Flaming Meteor

    My reasoning for Shepherd using Forttress instead of Revenge is because of the 2 Phasing Lodestone's increase his armor for 20 seconds at 90% reduction, and for the remaining 10 seconds I use the Bard's Song of Sanctuary which puts him at 65%. I use …

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