Three Red slimes, encountered in an Arena.

Slimes come in 3 variations in Battleheart, and are encountered at various points in the game. An important thing to note is that slimes, with the exception of the Giant Slime, do not follow the normal 'aggro' system of attacking only meleers who hit them. They enter the field already with a selected target, and will move toward that target and attack until they are killed, or until a Knight uses 'Battlecry' to taunt them. Frequently encountered within Arenas.

Green Slime:

The Green Slime is the weakest variation of the slimes, dealing moderate damage to most characters, and is also very slow moving.

Giant Slime:

The 'Boss' variant of the slimes, he is a very large green slime. More information is found at Giant Slime.

Red Slime:

The Red Slime is the most dangerous variation of the slimes. They move very slowly, however they deal high damage to even the most heavily armored characters. These should be dealt with quickly, as they can seriously affect the outcome of a battle if taken lightly. These slimes also can ignore armor, thus dealing so much damage.