Oakley, the Ranger

The ranger is a ranged class, focused on physically attacking enemies from a long distance, and using skills at strategic points on the battlefield.

The ranger was added as part of a content update (1.5) to Battleheart on July 29, 2011. (iOS only, the Android version does not have this update yet)

Character: Oakley

Weapons: Bow (lv 25 dog)

Armor: Leather

When target is selected, Ranger will continuously attack (range) the target.


Level Choice 1 Choice 2
Basic skill

Aimed Shot

A precisely aimed shot which deals more damage the further away the target is. (20 sec cooldown)


Incendiary Arrow

Ignites the ground, dealing continuous damage to enemies who remain in the blaze. (30 sec cooldown)

Vile Bolt

A poisoned arrow which deals continuous damage and leaves the victim slowed. (30 sec cooldown)


Sniper's Sense

Your attacks have an additional 15% critical strike chance. (Passive)

Mortal Shots

The Ranger's basic attacks deal grievous wounds, reducing healing recieved by 75%. (Passive)



Unleash a salvo of arrows that deals damage to all enemies. (30 sec cooldown)

Apollo Strike

A brutal shot that throws its victim to the ground for 8 seconds. (30 sec cooldown)


Critical Aim

Your Aimed Shot ability deals an additional 50% damage. (Passive)


Your special shots force their victims to attack your most armored ally. (Passive)

25 Canine Ally

You've befriended a hunting dog, who automatically attacks your target. (Passive)


Crippling Bite

Your dog ally distracts and harasses your enemies, reducing their damage by 15%. (Passive)


Your dog companion becomes a whirlwind of terror, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. (Passive)