Monsters are the antagonists of Battleheart and whose destruction is the main goal of your party. More information on each of the monsters can be found by clicking the links in their descriptions on this page, and information regarding bosses can be found at Bosses or at their individual pages.


Battleheart goblin

A green goblin.

Green Goblins are the weakest units in the game. Blue goblin variations are a bit stronger, dealing mediocre damage, but are still relatively weak.


Battleheart bat

A black bat.

Bats, unlike other monsters, do not appear from the sides of the screen but instead fall from the sky. They deal a small amount of damage.

The red bat variations have a predetermined target which cannot be changed unless with the use of a Knight's War Cry skill. Red bats deal medium damage.

Skeleton Warrior 01

A white skeleton warrior.

Skeleton Warriors

Two variations of Skeleton warriors exist, White and black. Black skeletons are stronger, dealing medium damage.

Skeleton warriors are one of the easier mobs to kill.

Skeleton Archers

Skeleton Archer

Skeleton archers will rise from the ground, and randomly attack a target from range. Each attack will usually pick a different target, and skeleton archers will never focus on one opponent, even through the use of War Cry, unless there is only one character remaining.

However, they deal minimal damage, so are more of an annoyance at higher levels than a serious threat. It is recommended that you kill them after the more menacing mobs are dealt with.

Skeleton Mage 01

Skeleton Mages

Skeleton Mages heal monsters and themselves until killed. They also teleport around the battlefield at will, but do not attack whatsoever. It is recommended you focus on them first, otherwise it will take a lot longer to kill the other mobs.

Note: With content update 1.5, Skeleton Mages now have a finite amount of mana, so they do not infinitely teleport around and heal for unlimited amounts of time.


Battleheart cyclops

A Cyclops.

Cyclopes are found in their regular pale color, or in a much stronger green variant. They are relatively slow-moving, and the pale and green cyclopos deal medium and high damage respectively.

A commonly used tactic is to have one warrior attack the Cyclops, then have it follow said warrior around the battlefield whilst the others attack it, rendering it unable to do any damage.



Red slimes.

Slimes can be seen in the weaker green or stronger red varieties. Very slow, green slimes have high damage, and red slimes deal higher damage. Both will randomly pick a target and stick to them when they enter the battle, and only a Knight's War Cry with change that target. It is recommended to kill red ones as soon as possible and to leave green ones until more fierce mobs are dealt with.

There is also a Giant Slime, a boss variation of this monster.



The Giant Spider.

Spiders are weak monsters. They move fast, but deal low damage and are relatively easy to kill.

A boss variation, the Giant Spider, also exists. It can throw spider webs which temporarily trap characters in place.