The Goblin Leader

The Goblin Leader:

The Goblin Leader is the first boss encountered in the game. He is located in Haggerdom, in the 'The Squealing Bog' stage.


Call of the Beast - Two goblins will enter the field from either side, and begin attacking your party.

Charging Strike - The boss will charge from one side of the screen to the other, knocking characters out of the way in the process, and causing moderate - light damage.

Bomb - The boss will toss a bomb at a randomly selected character, which does moderate damage in a small radius.


The best way to defeat the Goblin Leader is to focus on him, and ignore the goblins. The bombs, however, should be avoided as they can do a moderate amount of damage to all units in a small area, and that can make things harder. His Charging Strike ability should be avoided too, as it is inconvinient and causes moderate - light damage to impacted characters.

Loot: Tier 1 Trinkets, Armor, and Weapons.