Battleheart cyclops

The 'pale' cyclops.

Cyclops, as their name suggests, are one-eyed, hulking, brutish monsters. They attack with clubs, and there are two variations. Cyclossi are also frequently encountered in Arena combat, similar to Slimes and Bats.

Pale Cyclops:

The pale variation of the cyclops is the weaker of the two, and is found in the lower levels, and quite frequently even in the lower levels in Haggerdom. They move slowly, attack slowly, and hit dealing mediocre damage.

Green Cyclops:

The green variation of the cyclops is the more dangerous of the two, and is found in mostly higher levels. Like the pale version, it moves slowly and attacks slowly, but can deal moderate-high damage. These should be dealt with before all other monsters, with the exception of Red Slimes, or bosses.

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