The Cleric is a Support class, focused on powerful healing spells.

Characters: Lucille

Weapons: Rods

Armor: Cloaks

Attack speed: 1.75 sec

When target is selected the Cleric will continuously heal the targeted character.


Level Choice 1 Choice 2
Basic skill

Group Heal

Instantly heals the entire party for a substantial amount. (20 sec cooldown)



Protects your target, reducing their damage taken by 75% for 10 sec. (30 sec cooldown)

Power Infusion

Fills your target with holy might, doubling their power for 10 sec. (30 sec cooldown)



Your auto-heals splash 25% of their total healing to allie near your target. (Passive)


Your auto-heals recover 15% more health. (Passive)


Guardian Angel

The cleric is filled with divine purpose, doubling healing power for 15 sec. (60 sec cooldown)

Vengeful Angel

The cleric explodes with righteous fury, dealing damage around them for 15 sec. (60 sec cooldown)


Empowering Words

The recipent of your auto-heals has their power increased by 15%. (Passive)

Holy Embrace

Your auto-heals continue to heal the target over time for 8 seconds. (Passive)


Favored Soul

While affected by Vengeful Angel or Guardian Angel, the cleric is immune to damage. (Passive)


Binding Heal

Your auto-heals on others also heal you for 50% of the healing done. (Passive)

Desperate Prayer

Your Group Heal spell recovers 25% more health. (Passive)

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