Battleheart Best Team

Battleheart Best Team

Video showing some options on how and create a balanced team combining some clases

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Example above is a lv. 1 Rogue, a Damage Dealer class, found in the Tavern.

Battleheart delivers the classical class structure of most RPGs, along with influences of the newer MMORPG genre: tanks, healers and damage dealing classes. Some self efficient clases are Monk, Paladin, Wizard but is not recomendable to have 2 tanks altrough is quite competent to have 2 damage dealers with one master in crowd control.

Defensive classes

A defensive class's role is the ability to keep the enemies at bay, keeping their party members safe. In a typical RPG, they are aptly named the "tank". Like a military tank, they sit on the front lines of combat, taking incoming damage, while the rest of the army attack in safe distance.


Type: Tank

A man bound by honor and chivalry, the Knight set forth into battle in the name of his kingdom. Sworn to protect his allies, the Knight is able to withstand many blows by his enemies. The Knight rallies his enemies to face his sword and shield, presenting them that he's the greatest threat.


Type: Tank-/Offensive-hybrid

A man of swift moves, the Monk takes out his foes with great agility and focused ki. With great concentration, the Monk can harness his ki to keep the enemies at bay, away from his allies or deal mighty blows, decimating them with great powerful ki energy.


Type: Tank/Healer (Hybrid)

The paladin is a self efficient class who also works great in group. Can help heal and make un vunerable or attack enemies with powerful attacks.

Healing classes

A healing class provides temporary buffs (stat gains) and healing support to the other party members at the cost of contributing meaningful damage to the fight. These buffs can vary from bonuses to damage dealing, to reducing damage taken, and other positive stat increases to their allies.


Type: Heals

Benevolent and caring, the Cleric is entrusted by the holy spirits to protect and cure those in need of her aide. The Cleric is invested in the duty to protect her troop through means of holy magic - spells of divine protections and sacred healing. She is also capable of empowering an ally with the will of the divine, allowing them to unleash greater blows onto their enemies.


Type: Buffs

A musician at heart, the Bard offers his melodies to his fellow band of adventurers, empowering them to overcome the obstacle before them. The Bard, too, possesses a few modest mending techniques, yet cannot compete to the divine powers of the Cleric.

Offensive classes

An offensive class (formerly known as a damage dealer, or 'DD') contributes the most damage to the enemies. They have an arsenal of abilities to destroy and/or disable their enemies. They come in various forms, all with the same objective: deal damage!


Type: Melee/physical

Bloody. Reckless. Powerful. The Barbarian likes to engage combat bullheaded, horns aimed at his enemy! He shows no fear and will make a kill at the cost of shedding some of his own blood. The Barbarian offers heavy melee attacks at the cost of taking incoming damage. No pain, no gain!


Type: Physical/Melee

The Rogue, the silent assassin, hides in the shadow of its enemy, unleashing, powerful single-target strikes in the back. Bestowed with the sleigh of hand, the Rogue can swiftly disable the enemy with various tricks of the trade.


Type: Spells/Ranged

WIzened by the knowledge of magic, the Wizard is armed with an array of destructive spells. Capable of keeping his foes disabled, the Wizard bombards them with a range of deadly magic, while maintaining a safe distance.


Type: Spells/Ranged

The Witch, like the Wizard, assaults the enemies with a barrage of deadly magic from a distant post. Through curses and hexes, the Witch plagues the enemies - weakening them by the minute. Their bodies are tortured by the Witch's dark magic as she siphons the life from them, replenishing herself or her allies.


Type: Physical/Ranged

The Ranger, uses his bow & arrows, strikes enemies from afar with precision and deadliness. He, like all other ranged classes, can attack from anywhere on the field, regardless of the enemy's position. At higher levels (25) he gains a 'hunting dog' which also attacks the ranger's target, dealing extra damage.