Basic Party

Class Types

Note that nearly every character in the game has a skill that gives it a property similar to that of another type.


Tanking characters have high armor levels and skills that facilitate taking damage, and automatically draw aggro from a target they hit even once. Exceptions are archers and bats. However, it should be noted that using tanks will greatly reduce your damage output, making battles lasting way longer than necessary.
The following characters are thus considered "Tanks":

Melee DPS

Melee DPS characters primary purpose is to deal damage to a target at close range. In Battleheart, these characters are capable of dealing high amounts of damage. The differences between barbarians and rogues lie in the fact that rogues have more 'burst' damage, mobility, and survival, while a good barbarian can deal constant amounts of high damage at the cost of taking more damage.
The following characters are considered 'Melee DPS' classes:


Support classes to be those that do not have an auto-attack skill and whose jobs are to maintain and augment the other party members. While the two in this category are very different, they share enough similarities that they are considered to fill the same role.
The following characters are considered 'Support' classes:

Ranged DPS

The ranged DPS classes are very much like the Melee DPS classes but with much more damage output. They can attack from afar, and have more crowd control abilities. A technique that can be mastered when using this type of class is animation cancel, which can greatly increase the damage output of these classes.
The following characters are considered 'Ranged DPS' classes: