Here are some sugested ways to build your Characters in Battleheart. 

Cleric / Lucille / Skills and Equipement 

Here you have your main Cleric build for mostly just going thru levels and Survival. 

IMG 0580
Power Infusion : to give extra damage to your tank or ou ever your healing 

Discipline : makes your auto heal more efective

Guardian Angel : It doubles your healing    (so in Survival you wont just get smashed by trolls in waves 120 and highter)

Empowering Words : same thing as Disipline

After Favoured soul get Desperate Prayer to improve your group heal.

IMG 0587

This is the equipement for a Cleric you should have when you are in Doomvale.

You can get the tier 8 and 9 equipement too but make shure to have this or you are going to die. You dont need the Codex of Jabe and the Ninja glove but make shure to have the armor and the staff.

Glove of Ninja = faster healing 

Codex of Jabe = get to do group heal every 10 seconds. 

Robin / Gustav / Skills and Equipment

Main build for a Rogue for going thru levels and Survival. 

IMG 0585

Expose Weakness : It increases the monster's damge taken by 50% so you deal double damage.

Critical Stikes : You have a 20% chance to deal double damge. ( If your focusing on life drain you can also take Flurry)

Shadow Step : Deal massive damage and its also kinda like a teleport.

Combat Tacitics : Gain more armor (Mouvement speed is not important)

After Envenomed Blades get Lethality to improve your Shadow Step and Sneak attack for 40% more damage.

IMG 0588
This is the equipment for a Rogue you should have when you are in Doomvale.

You can get the tiers 8 and 9 stuff out of Survival but make sure to have this or you are going to do no damage. 

You dont need the Titan gloves but they will increase your damage by 10 each.

Titan gloves : + 10 damage 

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