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Mika Mobile
Developer(s) Mika Mobile
Size 69.2 MB
Platform(s) [Apple iOS]
Language English
Genre Action RPG
Mode Single & Multiplayer
Rating(s) Rated 9+
Release: 1.5.1
Cost: $2.99 USD

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Battleheart Release Trailer

Battleheart Release Trailer01:59

Battleheart Release Trailer

Describing the game Battleheart from Mika Mobile .

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  • discussion page Talk:Bard
    new comment by Workaholic001
    Comment: Yes if course but only for a period of time
  • discussion page Talk:Bard
    new comment by Workaholic001
    Comment: If you continue to buff your wizard he will be buffed until your bard dies
  • discussion page Talk:Paladin
    new comment by Workaholic001
    Comment: Well I started playing a week ago and my team is Paladin,Bard,Ranger,and Monk,there was no need for cleric because that just waste 1 space of your...
  • edit Lineups
    edited by Qofi diff
    Summary: Undo revision 7179 by Qofi (talk)
  • edit Character Builds
    edited by Dreadraven997 diff
    Added photos:
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    Summary: My favorite pages:


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  • discussion page Talk:Character Builds
    new comment by Dreadraven997
    Comment: Im going to be adding more Character builds soon. (next one is the Rogue)
  • new page Character Builds
    created by Dreadraven997
    New page: Here are some sugested ways to build your Characters in Battleheart.  Cleric / Lucille / Skills and Equipement  Here you have your main Cleric build...
    Added photos:

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  • discussion page Talk:Paladin
    new comment by Dreadraven997
    Comment: TRY THIS, what you do is you get a paladin to lvl 30 or highter and make shure to have a cleric in your party and a Bard as well . Get the Paladin do...

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